Now that the energy transition has moved from an area of niche interest to the mainstream, fossil fuel regulations are tightening and consumers are having to dig deeper into their pockets amid soaring prices. This casts doubt on the very nature of our democracies and begs the question of whether we can reach a common European understanding on how to create an accepted pace for the energy transition. Because going green at scale costs money, success will depend on a team effort.

The combination of the climate crisis, falling prices for clean energy technologies, war and energy insecurity, and a generally more liberal mindset is making for a perfect storm for the energy transition.

Future Energy Ventures‘ Investment Partner, Moritz Jungmann recently sat down with Jack Lomas of the Future Engineering Club, an industry working group focused on enabling collaboration between construction-tech startups, industry decision-makers, and venture capital investors.

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Moritz and Jack delved into what the Four Ds of the energy system of the future – digitization, decentralization, democratization and decarbonization – will look like; the role of the utilities versus the innovators in enabling the push towards decentralization; the development of microgrids and energy communities; the rise of the ‘prosumer’ and the administrative burdens of being both an energy producer and consumer; the two hats of a venture capital investor – financial and strategic – and measuring impact from a financial perspective.

Listen to the full conversation here: