Future Energy

The energy system will shift to a decarbonized, decentralized and digitally-interconnected system. Digital technologies are the key enabler for this transition and are set to make energy systems around the world more connected, intelligent, efficient, reliable and sustainable.

One aspect of this transformation that presents great potential is the ability to break down boundaries between energy and adjacent sectors, increasing flexibility and enabling integration across entire systems.

As a result, we believe now is an unprecedented time for attractive investment opportunities, and a call for action for today’s energy industry.

Future Cities

While cities transform, various kinds of technologies have emerged as a means to improve the quality of life of their citizens. Rapid urbanization however has led mankind to face a number of challenges that must be overcome in mega urban areas.

The consequences are far-ranging and incising: freshwater scarcity, mountains of refuse, permanent traffic gridlock and air pollution. How can municipalities master these challenges with their tight budgets?

One key solution is smart cities. Smart cities are intelligent and connected cities, contributing to a better quality of life and reduced resource consumption.

Future Technologies

We believe that the future of cities and energy will be shaped by advances in technology.

We will tap into the frontier and deep technologies that promise to shape the future of cities and energy in the years to come, including the fields of AI, Machine Learning, and Cyber Security.

We fuel ideas that power the future