• Ines Bergmann-Nolting

    Managing Partner

  • Jan Lozek

    Managing Partner

  • Veronique Hördemann

    Investment Partner

  • Jan Palasinski

    Investment Partner

  • Conor Clifford

    Investment Principal

  • Tim Beckmann

    Investment Principal

  • Moritz Jungmann

    Investment Principal

  • Fanny Rohr

    Fanny Rohr

    People Innovation Business Partner

  • Claudia Cymek

    Executive Assistant

  • Julia Wittoesch

    Executive Assistant

  • Natalie

    Natalie Milde

    Investment Analyst

    Natalie Milde
  • Nihal Gupta


    kein Titel

Ines Bergmann-Nolting LinkedIn

Ines is the Managing Director, Founding and Managing Partner of Future Energy Ventures. She has about 15 years‘ of experience in energy and cleantech paired with a strong background in venture capital, innovation, and strategy consulting. She is a strategic thinker and a dynamic leader driven by the idea to reshape together with her team and portfolio companies the energy industry even beyond decarbonization. Ines has worked as a Managing Director, Vice President, Investment Director, Investment Principal, and Consultant in Investment, Strategy, and Operations. Since 2013 she has shaped E.ON´s venture capital activities and played an integral part in building E.ON`s global future of energy portfolio. Ines holds a diploma degree in business administration and cultural studies and a bachelor’s degree in economic science. She also serves as a board member and trusted advisor for several European and US portfolio companies.​

Jan Lozek LinkedIn

Jan is Managing Partner and Co-Founder of Future Energy Ventures. He has 25 years‘ experience in the energy and tech sectors and leads with a mindset focused on future, customers and people. Jan is committed to working towards a net-zero-carbon energy system, which he believes will be foundational to the future energy landscape and ultimately secure the future of our planet. Together with his team, founders, investors and ecosystem partners, Jan is determined to accelerate this transition. He is an experienced leader, business executive, entrepreneur and venture capital, private equity and M&A investor. Jan previously held senior executive positions in RWE AG, Innogy SE and E.ON SE. He holds Master’s Degrees in Business Economics and International Management and has served on several boards as a member, observer and trusted advisor. ​

“I fuel ideas to power the energy transition”

Veronique Hördemann LinkedIn

Veronique is an experienced Investment Partner with a strong track record in venture capital as well as the energy industry and commodity trading business. She was part of the founding team of innogy Ventures where she successfully built up the team and fund as part of a small founders’ team and moved on to FEV as authorized representative. She holds board / observer seats at various portfolio companies (GridX, Akselos, TechSee and ShieldIOT).​

“The way to get started is to quit talking and begin doing.”-Walt Disney​

Jan Palasinski LinkedIn

Jan Palasinski has been an Investment Partner at Future Energy Ventures since its inception. He has more than 15 years’ experience in cleantech and finance, including positions at E.ON’s CVC arm and Innogy Venture Capital in Germany, as well as MPS Capital Services and Interbanca in Italy. Jan holds a Master’s Degree in Economics and Management of Public Utilities from Milan’s Bocconi University. Currently Jan serves as board member/observer at Cuculus, eSmart Systems, Kiwigrid, Lumenaza, Nuventura, tado° and Thermondo. ​

“I can’t wait for the future to come, especially a clean planet, cruelty-free food (Italian please!) and social justice. Thanks to tech this is realistic now.”

Conor Clifford LinkedIn

Conor has over 10 years of energy-sector experience in Venture Capital, innovation, and strategy across some of the world’s leading energy ecosystems – UK, Sweden, and Silicon Valley. His investments include: Sight Machine, Organic Response, SpaceTime Insight, DABBEL, Raiven, and Autogrid. Previously as head of Strategy, Conor jointly established and operated E.ON’s global Smart Grid innovation centre, initiating and funding hundreds of projects across the group. He has a Master’s in Electrical and Electronic Engineering, and a PhD in Power Systems from Imperial College London.​

“I am inspired by working with others to create and build, based on big ideas that can have major impact; with fairness, integrity, and some laughs along the way”

Tim Beckmann LinkedIn

Tim is an experienced investment professional with numerous years of experience in Venture Capital, Innovation and Strategy Consulting. Before joining Future Energy Ventures, he has worked at Accenture Strategy and Porsche Digital. His investment experience spans from early to late stage and covers transactions across Europe.  His investment focus is in mobility and proptech and has developed strong relationships with other early-stage investors and the entire ecosystem in Europe. Tim is an active board member, currently holding board seats at Virta, Calipsa and Doozer.​

“Don’t be afraid to take a big step when one is indicated. You can’t cross a chasm in two small jumps.” – David Lloyd George​

Moritz Jungmann LinkedIn

Moritz is a seasoned Investment Principle in the field of clean tech, smart city and industrial technology solutions and leads the collaboration interface at FEV with strategic limited partners. Moritz has gained entrepreneurial experience as a founder of two bootstrapped companies after graduating from Zeppelin University as MSc in Public Management and International Relations. Moritz is an impact and performance driven person, who has been with the organisation for 4 years, while originally being from Mannheim, he lives and works today in Berlin. Moritz holds board/observer seats at Tracks, Skenario Labs, Lemonbeat, WeAre, Holo-Light, Own Space and Getaway.

“You have to be decisive. The only way to make progress is make decisions.” Ron Conway​

Fanny Rohr

Fanny Rohr LinkedIn

As People Innovation Business Partner, Fanny is a trusted partner for our employees‘ career trajectory as well as for the people strategy and operations of Future Energy Ventures. She leads our recruitment activities, talent development, culture and retention, as well as supporting our portfolio start-ups with their growth challenges, which includes recruitment, advice and fundamental HR groundwork. Before Fanny joined Future Energy Ventures, she spent 4 years at a recruitment consultancy with a focus on tech hiring. She holds a diploma in Psychology of Communication and certificates in Labour Law, Digital Transformation and Coaching.​

“I believe that people will flourish and reach their full potential when they are experiencing ownership, trust and purpose.”

Claudia Cymek LinkedIn

Claudia has served as an Executive Assistant for more than 9 years. She started her professional path with a commercial apprenticeship within the RWE Group, and then worked within the sales department and in-house consulting company for several years. Later, she became one of the first employees of Future Energy Ventures (former innogy Innovation Hub) and is working as an Executive Assistant within the team. Claudia holds a degree as a State-certified Business Economist. ​

“My purpose is to be a bridge between people, visions and opportunities.”​

Julia Wittoesch

Julia is our Team Assistant and first point of contact for our procurement and billing process and all general enquiries at Future Energy Ventures. Her experience and finely honed skills are the result of her work as a personal assistant for more than twelve years within the RWE Group.​

“If the plan does not work, change the plan, but never the goal.”​


Natalie Milde Natalie Milde

Natalie is our Venture Capital Intern supporting our investment team. Natalie has worked and volunteered extensively with NGOs, start-ups, and government entities operating in Europe, the Middle East, and North Africa with a special emphasis on environmental and social sustainability. She is currently pursuing an MSc in Economics and Business Administration at Norwegian School of Economics (NHH) with a major in Business Analysis and Performance Management and a minor in Innovation. She also holds a BSc in Comparative Politics from the University of Bergen.  ​

“If you think you’re too small to make a difference, try sleeping with a mosquito in the room”

Nihal Gupta kein Titel

Nihal is our Communications and Marketing Intern. He helps drive our communications strategy to bring the spotlight onto Future Energy Ventures and our portfolio of world-class start-ups.  He also supports our mission to accelerate the global energy transition to net-zero carbon emissions and a digitally interconnected system. He is currently pursuing his MSc in Business Administration and Engineering from HTW Berlin. ​​

“I aim to transform the buzzword ’sustainability‘ to reality.”

North America

  • Konrad Augustin

    Investment Partner

  • Patrick Elftmann

    Investment Partner

  • Yi Jean Chow

    Investment Principal


Konrad Augustin LinkedIn

Konrad is a Partner and leads the investment team in North America with more than 14 years of venture capital experience. Before joining Future Energy Ventures, he founded, built and led the US activities of E.ON Scouting and Co-Investments, the CVC arm of E.ON. Over his career, Konrad has invested in almost 30 companies in Europe and the US (incl. Greensmith, Enervee, and Thermondo) and held board / observer roles in over 20 companies. Before joining E.ON he started his VC career at BASF Venture Capital and before that worked in Strategic Marketing and Corporate Audit, with projects in Australia, Japan, Singapore and various European countries. He holds a Diploma in Business Administration and an MBA.

“We have a strategic plan – it’s called doing things.” – Herb Kelleher

Patrick Elftmann LinkedIn

Patrick is a Partner with a strong track record in the energy industry and an international background in venture capital and strategy consulting. He has lived and worked in Europe, Asia and North America. Patrick is board member/observer for our investments in Bidgely,, Sterblue, People Power and The Westly Group. Prior to Future Energy Ventures, Patrick was a Partner at innogy Ventures and formerly gained more than 11 years of strategy consulting experience as a Senior Executive at Accenture and Deloitte. Patrick holds a Master’s degree in Computer Science and a Master’s degree in Business Administration from the University of Aachen (RWTH).

“Vision without execution is hallucination” – Thomas Edison

Yi Jean Chow LinkedIn

Yi Jean is an Investment Principal with a background in energy start-ups and strategy consulting. She has broad international experience having lived and worked in London, Kuala Lumpur, New York, Boston, San Francisco; and worked at energy start-ups focused on industrial efficiency, building energy management, machine learning, and blockchain technologies.  She is a board member/observer for our investments in SolShare, Cryptowerk,, T-REX, and looks after our investment in Waycare. Yi Jean holds a BA in Chemistry and Physics from Harvard University, and a MSc in Economics and Policy of Energy & Environment from University College London.​

“Transitioning to a net-zero economy is an incredible financial opportunity to build a future that is more sustainable, efficient, and more inclusive and equitable.”


  • Ohad Mamann

    Investment Principal

    kein Titel
  • Boaz

    Boaz Kantor

    Investment Partner

  • Aaron Israel

    Investment Analyst

  • Christian Wanzek

    Venture Capital Intern

    kein Titel

Ohad Mamann kein Titel

Ohad is an investment principal at FEV, with 15 years of transactional experience in venture capital. Before joining FEV, Ohad was a Partner at Horn & Co. Law Offices, where he represented venture capital funds and dozens of start-up companies in complex cross border transactions, including mergers and acquisitions, corporate financing deals and technology licensing transactions. He is a board member/observer for our investments in Placense, Oriient, Hopon, Firstpoint, Vicarius and Buildots. Ohad holds a law degree from Bar Ilan University, and an MBA from Tel Aviv University.​

“What you do makes a difference, and you have to decide what kind of difference you want to make.” – Jane Goodall​


Boaz Kantor LinkedIn

Boaz is an Investment Partner at FEV, bringing twenty-five years of deep tech and technology innovation experience, having held technology leadership roles in Israeli startups, as well as in corporate giants such as AT&T, and as a cybersecurity officer (Captain) at the Israeli military intelligence unit 8200. As a former entrepreneur himself, he mentored and helped over a thousand start-ups in the cybersecurity, energy, telecommunications, IoT, and deep tech domains, and today he is holding board and observer seats in Firstpoint, ShieldIoT, Vicarius, and Teraki. He also held a board seat at Segasec, which was later acquired by Mimecast. He holds a degree in Computer Science and is passionate about solving climate issues with deep tech & innovation.

“My basic optimism about climate change comes from my belief in innovation” – Bill Gates, 2021

Aaron Israel Aaron

Aaron is an Investment Analyst at Future Energy Ventures. Prior to joining FEV, he gained experience through internships in various fields, including consulting, tech, private equity, and venture capital. Aaron grew up in Spain and earned a bachelor’s degree in Mechanical Engineering from Imperial College London, as well as an MBA from Tel Aviv University. In late 2016, he moved to Israel and was drafted into a reconnaissance unit within the Israel Defense Forces, where he still serves today on active reserve duty. He is deeply interested in disruptive technologies that have the potential to change the ways the world works today and grow exponentially as entire industries transform.​

“When the winds of change blow, some people build walls, others build windmills” — Chinese Proverb

Christian Wanzek kein Titel

As a venture capital intern, Christian Wanzek supports Boaz Kantor, Ohad Mamann and Aaron Israel in our Israel office. Before joining FEV, he gained work experience in consulting at BCG and in business development at German mobility startup Volocopter. There, he wrote his Bachelor‘s thesis on the foundations of Volocopter’s digital backbone. Currently, he is pursuing his Master‘s degree in Management and Technology at the Technical University of Munich. Besides his primary studies, Christian is part of the Center of Digital Technology and Management (CDTM), a hands-on entrepreneurship program.​

“What one has, one ought to use; and whatever he does, he should do with all his might.” – Marcus Tullius Cicero

Life at Future Energy Ventures

At Future Energy Ventures our success is driven by our people and the talent they bring to delivering our shared vision. Relationships and knowledge are at the heart of good investment. This is why we have our own teams on the ground in Germany, Israel and Silicon Valley. The combination of these teams means we build a deep knowledge of the current and future energy landscape and ecosystem, which in turn allows us to find the best opportunities to invest in and grow ambitious start-ups.

We believe that bringing people with different talents and experiences together, and investing in their strengths, skills and capabilities, is key to the success of Future Energy Ventures.

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