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    powercloud: Creating a Backbone for the Green Revolution

    Utilities must embrace new business models, providing new products and services to fuel the green revolution. And to do that, they need a flexible, robust IT backbone, that’s up to the task.

    In the latest episode of Future Fuel, Marco Beicht, founder and CEO of powercloud, and utilities and transformation expert, Carola Wahl, grab a coffee and discuss how utilities must innovate, transform and reinvent themselves if they are to continue to be relevant in this new energy future.

    • eMobility

    Virta – Future Proof EV Charging

    In this episode, Mathias Wiecher VP of eMobility at E.ON, Jussi Palola CEO at Virta discuss details of their cooperation to empower customers to make the switch to electric mobility and fight climate change.

    Lemonbeat – Bridging the gap for IoT scalability

    Four in every five IoT projects are doomed to fail before they even launch. Hear from Oliver van der Mond at Lemonbeat who is on a mission to create successful and scalable IoT for a smarter, more sustainable world.

    This Future Fuel episode is hosted by Marc J. Wiemann, Manager at E.ON Innovation.

    • Energy Networks

    eSmart Systems – Drones and AI for super human capabilities

    Find out about the ‘super humans’ using AI to make the inspection and maintenance of our energy grids greener, safer, more efficient and more reliable with Knut Johansen of eSmart Systems.

    This Future Fuel episode is hosted by Carolina Soto, Investment manager at Future Energy Ventures

    • eMobility

    GridX – Taking charging to the next level

    E-mobility is one of the biggest drivers in the field of energy transition. However, managing the energy flows to power an increasing number of EVs is also one of the most complex challenges.

    In this episode of Future Fuel, Alexander Miropolski, head of eMobility at E.ON speaks with Andreas Booke of gridX and Matthias Holder of E.ON eMobility who are working together to find simple solutions.

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