By Future Energy Ventures, SET Ventures and Plug and Play

In a collaborative report, Future Energy Ventures, SET Ventures and Plug and Play explore the innovative solutions startups offer to decarbonize the Commercial and Industrial (C&I) sector.

Decarbonizing the C&I sector is an immense and urgent challenge, making it an outsized opportunity for innovative startups. Moreover, as the sector currently accounts for 40% of final energy consumption in the EU, it plays a crucial role in the European energy transition.

However, the heterogeneous nature of C&I businesses hinders standardization efforts, and the transformation in the energy industry presents a dual landscape of challenges and opportunities. Factors such as fragmented data, technological hurdles, cost optimization, and compliance intricacies requires a comprehensive and holistic approach. Increasingly though, innovative startups are capitalizing on this challenge, and on decentralization and digitalization trends, moving beyond traditional energy commodity sales to offer novel services aimed at enhancing green energy supply for C&I businesses and reducing their dependence on fossil fuels.

This report organizes European C&I energy infrastructure and supply into a framework with three categories: energy generation, procurement, and consumption. Asset connectivity and controls and administration are both cross-cutting enablers. The report highlights 155 innovative startups addressing key C&I needs, offering solutions for on-site generation, off-site greenfield projects, green energy procurement, consumption reduction, challenger utilities, asset connectivity and controls, and alternative fuels. Ultimately, the report emphasizes how startups have shifted from selling commodities to service-oriented models, driven by decentralized energy adoption facilitated by digitalization and cost optimization.

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