By Future Energy Ventures and Berlin Digital Group

Together with our friends from BDG, we are bundling our sector knowledge around smart energy technologies and will publish a series of deep dives to show where incumbents need to fear their challengers. First up is the PV sector; we are illustrating the most relevant players per growth stage and along the value chain.

The “Growth PV Techs Map” offers a unique perspective, visualising PV companies for residential, commercial, and utility sectors, using a standardised approach. Our map shows commonalities and opportunities across different phases of PV project development, regardless of asset size. Categorising the players provides a clear view of market coverage and areas with untapped potential. Furthermore, we place a distinct emphasis on the DACH region, recognised as Europe’s most advanced PV market.

The X-axis encompasses key areas of the value chain, ranging from the origination of PV systems to the aggregation of energy data and performance optimisation through digital solutions.

On the Y-axis, we classify companies into “Start-up and Growth” focusing on early-stage companies, and “Expansion and Exit”, recognising established enterprises.

PV companies for residential 

PV companies for commercial and industrial, and utility