At Future Energy Ventures, our team is the heart of everything we do to decarbonize society. We are thrilled to introduce Jacopo Pacitto, our newest addition to the team. Jacopo brings a wealth of diverse ideas and experiences that will undoubtedly enrich our team as we continue our journey towards a sustainable future.

You have some previous experience in the VC world, tell us more about that experience.

That is right. Before joining FEV I had the pleasure to work at a climate and energy-focused Corporate VC firm in Düsseldorf. There, my day-to-day activities included researching different topics within the energy spectrum, supporting deal flow activities and intro calls with founders.

Overall, it was a wonderful experience as I learned a lot about both Venture Capital and the new technologies that are being used to drive the energy transition.

What excites you the most about the intersection of the energy transition and the start-up world? 

The thing that excites me most is meeting smart founders with remarkable ideas that target change in the world we live in and great financial returns. Moreover, contributing to such ideas with either capital or guidance is fulfilling. I can also say that – albeit to a small extent – I am doing my part to change how things are done.

What are you expecting to learn from the team at FEV?

Every firm is different, so I am curious to see how FEV conducts its deep dives and manage its deal flow, and the different processes that are intrinsic to a VC. Other than that, learn more about how to establish and maintain relationships, I think it’s vital in the industry. Moreover, I am also very keen on learning more about exit modelling.

What does your ideal world look like in the future of energy? How do you plan to contribute?

As of now, I see myself more as someone who can help find incredible entrepreneurs and ideas given my intrinsic curiosity and interest in the energy industry. However, I do not exclude that in the future I could build something myself.

Why did you move to Berlin? Is there something you want to address about the city?

I visited Berlin 10-ish years ago, and I really liked it. Now that I’ve grown up and know what I want from my career, Berlin was at the top of the list given its vibrant startup and VC ecosystem. This, coupled with the large amount of cultural and leisure activities hat the city has to offer, made the choice somewhat easy.

Tell us about your hobbies. When you’re not working, what do you like to do with your free time?

I like to spend some time outside, by either walking, running, discovering, or having fun with friends. Other than that, I am an avid YouTube user (I watch videos about anything) and I like to read and cook.

Thank you Jacopo! Great to have you on board!