(Press release) 02/09/2021

  • E.ON and eSmart Systems join forces to streamline the digital transformation of energy networks.
  • The use of drones will facilitate early detection of possible defects.

Leveraging synergies between human experts and AI-based analytics, E.ON, one of Europe’s largest energy companies, and eSmart Systems, a leading provider of grid inspection AI-powered software, are joining forces to improve European distribution grid asset management by making inspection processes safer for people, more efficient for utilities, and more sustainable for the environment.

The partnership, which is initially set to run for 12 months, commenced in January with the deployment of eSmart Systems’ Grid Vision™. This AI-based solution is supporting the full inspection and maintenance workflows across the three E.ON distribution system operators E.DIS, MITNETZ STROM and Westnetz, totaling approx. 45 000 kilometers of high- and medium voltage overhead lines. The software detects, analyzes and visualizes components and potential defects within the infrastructure on the basis of pictures made by drones. E.ON will leverage eSmart Systems’ technologies to adopt asset-based virtual inspections of distribution lines into existing business processes.

Thomas König, responsible for networks on the E.ON Board of Management, emphasizes: “Digital and innovative solutions are key for our grids in being the backbone of the energy transition. In order to achieve the best for our network customers, we also rely on strong partnerships with start-ups. By partnering with eSmart Systems, we are improving the accuracy of power grid inspections and the security of supply. Ultimately, fewer mast climbs will be necessary, resulting in an increase in work safety.”

“Strong partnerships are the key to success. Together with E.ON, we are moving toward operational excellence using state-of-the-art tools that leverage digital technologies and artificial intelligence. We are pleased to combine E.ON’s leading energy expertise and operational skills with eSmart Systems’ expertise in applied AI to pioneer the energy transition,” says Knut Johansen, CEO and founder of eSmart Systems.

About E.ON
E.ON is an international investor-owned energy company, which focuses on energy networks and customer solutions. As one of Europe’s largest energy companies, E.ON plays a leading role in shaping a clean, digital, decentralized world of energy. To this end, around 75,000 employees develop and sell products and solutions for private, commercial and industrial customers. More than 50 million customers purchase electricity, gas, digital products or solutions for electric mobility, energy efficiency and climate protection from E.ON. As an innovation leader, E.ON provides newest technological solutions to its customers, and drives cross-industry partnerships in the energy sector and beyond. E.ON is headquartered in Essen, Germany. For more information, please visit www.eon.com.

About eSmart Systems  
eSmart Systems is a leading provider of AI-powered solutions for the inspection and maintenance of critical infrastructure. With our software solution, Grid Vision™, we revolutionize how Power Utilities operate and maintain their transmission and distribution networks. eSmart Systems offers a data-driven and condition-based approach to infrastructure inspections that can be managed from one single platform. We support companies worldwide by ensuring reduced costs, safer inspections, and prolonged asset life.

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