As 2024 kicks off, Future Energy Ventures (FEV) is delighted to announce the well-deserved promotions of Natalie Milde and Maciej Lehmann to Investment Associates, recognizing their valuable contributions to the team. We are also thrilled that Natalie will be taking on  the role of ESG & Impact Lead within the investment team to further develop and implement the Fund’s impact investing strategy.

Natalie joined FEV in the summer of 2021, having been drawn to the Fund’s mission and the opportunity to find investment opportunities with significant climate impact. While earning her masters and business degree, Natalie worked for Human Rights NGOs in Norway, the Norwegian Embassy in Saudi Arabia, and a restorative ag-tech foundation in Jordan. She has long been a passionate advocate for climate action.

At FEV, Natalie has a particular focus on the Nordic start-up ecosystem and has developed a soft spot for innovation in the energy-intensive cold chain. Over time, Natalie has also taken over responsibility for FEV’s ESG and Impact strategy, including the due diligence process. She will continue this work as part of the her role of ESG & Impact Lead.

In her own words: “The best part of my job? The deep dives we do into emitting industries and the audacious founders who develop solutions to electrify and decarbonize them. Economic growth decoupled from fossil fuels is the greatest investment opportunity of our lifetime. We’re talking about redesigning modern society for energy independence, food security, decarbonized infrastructure, and more, and it’s no small task. I’m excited!”

Drawn to FEV’s large energy transition portfolio, Maciej joined FEV as an analyst in early 2022. He quickly demonstrated his financial acumen and hispassion for the energy transition, in particular for the e-mobility sector. Before being part of our team he worked at a VC in Poland, which he joined during his master’s studies in Computer Sciences and Econometrics.

Maciej adds an inquisitive mind and fresh perspectives to the challenging projects at FEV, where he has already supported several transactions, and is tirelessly in search for new investment opportunities. Companies scaling solutions within the mobility and solar sectors should feel free to reach out to him.

In his own words: “Working in VC is fantastic because it allows you to create and pursue your own investment ideas. You get to choose the most promising and impactful businesses and see them achieve commercial success on a large scale, which is exciting. I enjoy working with founders and have a deep admiration for their entrepreneurial spirit and hard work. I’m looking forward to continuing my work with FEV and to invest on behalf of the new Fund.”

“At FEV, we take pride in our team of ambitious, inspiring individuals with a shared passion for creating a sustainable future. The promotions of Natalie and Maciej are very well deserved, and Natalie’s ESG & Impact Lead role underlines our commitment to investing in and collaborating with the visionary start-ups that are building the clean energy economy. Congratulations, Natalie and Maciej, you deserve it!”

“Success in a transitional environment hinges on interdisciplinary collaboration, where both purpose and commercial focus propels the minds of today’s entrepreneurs”, says Moritz Jungmann, Partner at the Berlin office. “We’re fortunate to have Maciej and Natalie on board. Their diverse strengths and shared ambition to shape this generational shift position us to make our next strategic moves with Fund II”.

We proudly celebrate Maciej and Natalie’s promotions and we look forward to them continuing to challenge us all to make FEV the best possible place to thrive. Together, we fuel the ideas that shape the future energy landscape and decarbonize our cities.